V3 Blaze Wallet 🔥 by VALMOR is the Ultimate Minimalist Wallet of 2020

The Blaze Wallet by Valmor Design is completely custom-designed for busy modern day professional, you have everything you need and more and you can grab one for $24 using our affiliate link ✨ http://bit.ly/V3BlazeWallet

🔥 V3 Blaze Wallet Features🔥
✔️Crafted from premium top-grain leather that will patina beautifully
✔️2 cards in front pockets
✔️Central pocket that holds 3-4 cards, which is RFID protected
✔️Pull tab strap to easily access cards
✔️Highly durable elastic band stores up to 3-4 cards
✔️Drop-free coin pocket
✔️Lanyard loop/keyring attachment
✔️GPS tracker pocket
✔️Built-in NFC
✔️RFID protection
✔️Work ID or transit card easy scanning slot
✔️Slim, low-profile design
✔️Eco-friendly packaging

The Kickstarter campaign is set to end March 12, 2020 so be sure to grab yours before then! ✨ http://bit.ly/V3BlazeWallet

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