The Voyager is the Best Outdoor Chair 🌄

PARKIT presents Voyager: Comfort, Design & Durability combine to ensure your outdoor chairs live up to the demands of every adventure. Grab one using our affiliate link 🌄 🌄

It all started with a need for Superior Craftsmanship. Let’s face it, the standard outdoor recreational chair has been a poorly built product for decades; easily broken, fabrics that tear, and are generally uncomfortable to sit in. To eliminate these problems, we sourced the highest quality materials we could find to build a product that stands up to the demands of the outdoors.

1) Ergonomically designed comfort: Sit where you’re supposed to sit. Not too high, not too low. The Voyager sits in what we call the Goldie-Locks Zone. Just right.

2) Hands-Free Carry / Double Pack: Hands-free-carry satchel/pack strap that gives your hands the freedom to carry whatever the day demands & Double Pack (fold and carry) that secures those extra items needed at your destination.

3) Interchangeable Cup Holder: Cupholder fixtures built into either side of the framing (left/right) with cutouts designed for cans, insulated water bottles, and coffee mugs.

4) Multiple Products in One: A detachable cooler is conveniently located under your seat for easy access to your favorite items and contains 4 exterior zipper pockets that store and protect your most valuable belongings.

Learn more abour the Voyager Chair here 🌄 🌄

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