The Sphere ⚫ is the precursor to Euler’s classic Orbiform

Precision machined solid Spheres designed to match our original solids of constant width, the Orbiform and PentaOrbiform. Grab one for $32 here ⚫

Since launching and fulfilling the Orbiform and PentaOrbiform on Kickstarter to nearly 3,000 amazing backers, a request we receive regularly is to offer a Sphere to compliment our original solids of constant width. It is now here! These Spheres will match our popular Orbiform and PentaOrbiform solids of constant width in size, material and finish. Thank you for viewing our campaign!

Spheres are almost never CNC machined like we are doing for this campaign and it is even more unusual they are made this large from solid Copper, Brass and Stainless Steel bars. Spheres in industrial applications, such as ball bearings, are stamped and abrasively ground down to size and lapped for a smooth surface. In order to have the same look and feel of our Orbiform and PentaOrbiform solids, our Spheres are machined! We will NOT be casting them!

The Spheres will perfectly match in dimension (1.4 in) and finish (Machine, Mirror Polish, and Satin).

Sphere Dimension Specifications:

Sphere Diameter: 1.4 in. (35.5 mm) in .
Stainless Steel weight: 6.6 oz, (187 g)
Brass Weight: 7.05 oz, (200 g)
Copper weight: 7.44 oz, (211 g)

The Kickstarter campaign is set to end March 19, 2020 so be sure to grab yours before then ⚫

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