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The Maker’s Field Guide –

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The Maker Movement represents a dramatic shift towards the democratization of design, engineering, education, jobs and manufacturing. Advancements in new technologies such as desktop 3d printing and CNC machining are now putting powerful tools that were once only available to large institutions like NASA in the hands of millions of creators worldwide. This rapid pace of disruption is creating a paradigm shift and playing-field leveler like no other in history, opening up many new opportunities for independent makers and entrepreneurs that were once thought to be unimaginable. As a result, this is leading to what’s known as the small-batch or “lean manufacturing” revolution giving rise to the “maker” and maker culture — the repercussions of which are so monumental, in fact, that it’s often been compared to the countercultural revolution that pervaded the West in the 1960’s.

Put simply — the Maker Movement is a collective group of empowered individuals who are becoming much less dependent on large manufacturers for the production of their goods and services. Add to that an increasing level of interest and investment into corporate R&D (Research and Development) programs that are leveraging the use of new technologies as a way of gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. All of these combined factors have placed an emphasis on STEM and engineering educations or skill-sets as the path forward to success in this new era of uncertainty and globalization — with tens of thousands grade-schools worldwide now rushing to build their own Makerspace facilities (now becoming hot commodities) out of both a fear of missing out, and in an attempt to stay out in front of this lighting-fast pace of change in today’s volatile jobs marketplace.

This movement is also responsible for placing less emphasis on formal degrees, and more focus on practical problem-solving capabilities — that can be demonstrated through real life, project-based portfolios instead (or simply put, provability of results as evidenced by real-life examples and / or case studies; no complicated math formulae or academic theory needed). If you’ve seen Kickstarter (or similar crowdfunding platform) campaigns raise millions, or tens of millions of dollars on a relatively simple, scratch-built functional prototype alone — you’ve witnessed the full power of the Maker Movement firsthand.

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