The I Recycle Project – Shirts made from recycled plastic bottles

Shirts made from recycled plastic bottles. – Wear the change you want to see in society – 100% made in America.
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re-cy-cle [ree-sahy-kuhl] verb (used with subject)

to adapt for a new, better use without changing the essential form or nature of.

We’re Recycling society’s old ideals of intolerance towards people and disregard for nature into new values of respect and awareness. We want to carry that message with us wherever we go.


Because the decisions we make everyday as active members of the economy have an impact beyond our comprehension. We buy without thinking where things come from or what message they promote.

We make shirts because a shirt is an effective medium to express an ideal. A flag that you wear; a way to speak your mind without saying a word.

Repreve® is a recycled fiber that contains recycled materials—including post industrial plastics and used plastic bottles (The P.E.T bottles labeled with “1”). We use Repreve® because Repreve’s® recycled fibers are “first quality”, so they look good, and feel soft and comfortable. They’re also certifiably sustainable.

So you’ll be wearing a stylish and comfortable shirt made out of actual recycled water bottles, pretty awesome.

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