The Bilby is the best 400 Lumen 💡 High-Powered Silicone Headlamp by Knog

The Bilby is Lightweight, waterproof, form-fitting comfort, USB rechargeable and multi-purpose optics. The future of headlamps is here and you can grab one for $48 using our affiliate link here –

The Bilby is the Best Headlamp, and here’s why!

🌞400 lumens of light output
💡 Over 5 hours of use on its highest setting, and over 90 hours on its lowest setting
🦢 Weighing in at just 90 grams
✔️Our strap and housing are made from one piece of silicone
✔️6 modes available on the Bilby, you are able to choose from 4 levels of brightness.
✔️ 5 different LED settings as standard including: Spot, Mid, Wide angle, Reading and Red Night light.
🌞The Bilby features a special boost mode that allows a user to get 10 minutes of boosted power output at the touch of a button, regardless of how much battery life is remaining.
⚡ USB Rechargeable
✔️Using Knog’s unique and simple to use modemaker app, allows users to fully customise this headlamp.
✔️Easy Adjustment
💧Waterproof rating of IP67

The Kickstarter campaign is set to end February 11, 2020 so be sure to grab yours before then here

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