The Best Folding Ebike is the SDREAM UR

The SDREAM UR from SDREAM BIKE in Los Angeles, CA is an Ebike that has great suspension, is ultra comfy and it even folds and you can check them out using our affiliate link here – and thank you for your support!

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This Ebike is a perfect combination of power, sleek design, lightweight, a new patent suspension and it even folds making it a great electric bike! It comes in 500w and 250w versions and the hub dampening system allows for one of the smoothest rides available.

The SDREAM UR can reach 20mph unassisted and 25mpg with pedal assist and electricity costs are estimated to be around $0.06 for 28 miles. You can achieve roughly 50 miles of ride time with pedal assist. 

Their Indiegogo campaign is set to end January 20, 2020 and when a new link to find the product is live I’ll update that as well.

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