Taurus 280w is the best Hybrid Adapter and Power Strip ⚡

280W Output | 2200W Socket | Strip & Power in 1 | Separable Design | 2xUSB-C | 4xUSB-A | Portable! Check it out here using our affiliate link ⚡ https://bit.ly/Taurus280w

We were born in a digital age. Each time when going out or going to work, we have to ask ourselves three questions:

Is the power enough to drive my device? How many ports do I have? What happens if my charger does not fit the ports?

It has all the power(280W to be exact) for most of your essential digital devices;

Countless of ports(see below) no matter how you want to charge, or what you want to charge;

A powerstrip and an 280W adapter hybrid

Oh, and it’s a hybrid. No matter staying at home, or going out, it can be used anywhere.

From the very beginning of our design, we want to make a hybrid of both the charger and power strip. Not only because it is the all-round charging solution for most of the devices, but also it meets the requirement of the most manufacturers’ products.

For the devices with average power consumption, you can plug them on the most popular ports on earth: USB-A and USB-C.

For bigger, more powerful devices with bigger demand for wattage, or special ones that requires special output to perform super-fast charging(like VOOC or Supercharge), it can also shape-shift into a reliable power strip, extending your charging line-up and never miss a gear that needs power.

280, literally means the watts that it drives.

Check out the Taurus 280w here ⚡ https://bit.ly/Taurus280w

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