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World’s Only FAA Safety Approved Astronaut School to Build Groundbreaking Anti-gravity Simulator!
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METS creates the sensation of weightlessness while the astronaut trainee moves around the space module – simulating space walk repairs performed by astronauts at the International Space Station.

Until now, the only extended training for weightlessness is NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab, which is prohibitively expensive and not currently available to civilian astronaut trainees.

METS will be a breakthrough training tool for both civilian and government astronauts, providing spacewalk training at extremely low cost. We have build a proof of concept 1/20 scale model so we know it works.

The new Space Race is being spearheaded and driven by civilian space programs like Blue Origin, SpaceX, Sierra Nevada, XCOR and Virgin Galactic.

As the world’s only FAA Safety Approved Astronaut School with Pre-Sub-Orbital, Sub-Orbital, Orbital and Payload Specialist programs, Waypoint2Space is firmly committed to providing the best training available for future civilian astronauts across the globe. Waypoint 2 Space has derived the training programs from both NASA and the United States Air Force.

Imagine what it would be like to fulfill your dream of training like an Astronaut?

Well now you can because a $179 Pledge gets you 3 hours of authentic space training and a $349 Pledge gets you 3 hours of training in a real pressurized Space Suit!

Don’t wait! This Discovery Astronaut Training program is only offered through this Kickstarter!

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