SUNGZU SKA2500-The safest portable power station


LiFePO4 battery/2500Wh Capactiy/Solar Generator/Cycle Time 4000+/AC2000W/Surge 4000W/Charge Tesla

Modern times require modern technology, SUNGZU SKA2500 is one of the latest power station combines safety and portable, which is used LiFePO4 battery and solid AL-alloy suitcase to suitable for complex situation both indoor or outdoor . SUNGZU SKA2500 provides you the necessary power supply without compromising convenience、durable and safety. SUNGZU SKA2500 always keeps power to your home appliances and power tools , while this super-portable power station strengthens every element such as portability, power, quality, and of course, price.

You may be wondering how our device is so much more advanced. This is because the integrated Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) —LFP battery pack makes the safety of the battery pack much better. Instead of joining more than 200 individual 18650 batteries together like a traditional power station, the sungzu only has 48pcs individual 32125 model batteries and connections between them. This system greatly reduces the risk of potential accidents to occur.

While there is a downside on single li-ion cell size , the significant upside for LFP is safety, which is almost safest and latest materials for power station. Risks will come with using unsafe batteries and fragile cover. SUNGZU SKA2500 adopts the latest materials LiFePO4 batteries, and is regarded as the safest battery with four-times(4X) life-cycle of other lithium batteries such as li-ion polymer battery or LiNiMnCoO2 battery, LiFePO4 battery could last up to 5000 life cycles still maintain 75% capacity, that meant you could use the power station more than 10years (used with full charged and discharged daily ) ,and LiFePO4 battery performed the best in various tests with CE or IEEE standards.

We could show a lot of latest technology about our battery pack with more than a day if you want, but now I just show internal structure for most of backer could be understood, How to design 48pcs batteries together to be solid whole, just by welding? That is not enough, but one point of it , we designed two battery ABS trestles to fasten batteries both up or down sides, protect batteries to be solid whole units when the power station in abuse conditions. With the elaborate trestles, the 1mm space between adjacent batteries ensure batteries efficient heat dispersed.

Just as we know the cover about traditional power station, most of them were used ABS case or thin al-alloy case with splicing technology. the loose cover structure will be so danger when you bring power station to outdoor or carry it by vehicles. SUNGZU SKA2500 using whole Al-alloy case which more than 5mm thickness,additionally, the latest solid scaffold structure of cases both BMS and batteries pack protects the power station will be durable used in outdoor, even SUNGZU SKA2500 dropped from more than 3m height or rolled over by vehicle 2ton, it still be used efficiently and normally.

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