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Give your mobile device the ability to see & capture the world in complete darkness while revealing items not visible to your naked eye. Support this Project on 

What is Snooperscope?

Snooperscope is a special wireless invention that, by using your mobile device as a screen and the infrared light as a source, enables you to see in low light conditions and intotal darkness. Plus, under visible light, it reveals hidden things that normally cannot be seen by the human eye.

By employing special optics, the user can see in the area covered by the light even though the naked eye only detects total darkness..
A number of more practical applications have been developed with the Snooperscope because of its ability to peer through any opaque material that infrared rays can pass through.

Snooperscope is perfect for professional and personal applications, like:

Snooperscope is a great gift for photographers, filmmakers, hunters, wildlife observers, etc.

The retail launch price of the Snooperscope is currently planned as $99 and the Early Bird as only $39, so you can make some great savings by backing us here!

 How does it work?

Snooperscope is primarily a Night Vision device and whether by biological or technological means, night vision is made possible by a combination of two approaches: sufficient spectral range, and sufficient intensity range. Humans have poor night vision compared to many animals, in part because the human eye lacks a tapetum lucidum.

Human vision is confined to a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum called visible light.
Snooperscope enables the user to see objects in the dark by illuminating the object with infrared radiation and converting the reflected radiation into a visual image.
The resulting scene, which is apparently dark to a human observer, appears as a visible image to the Snooperscope, and this image and video are sent wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet.

The rewards

Applications and experimental uses

Snooperscope has virtually unlimited applications in experimental projects.

Snooperscope Labs: some experiments made with the Snooperscope

Here are some applications you can use with your Snooperscope:


Snooperscope can maximize your smartphone and tablet in the dark, and improve visibility in low light conditions!

Use Snooperscope if you are frequently alone at home and you feel uneasy when you hear strange sounds outside. If it is a cat or a dog, you can relax; if it is a two-legged prowler,you can call the police who can cope with the unsuspecting intruder!

If you live in an area where it is wise to check the identity of a night visitor before opening the door, use the Snooperscope as an invisible security guard through your home windows, or position it where it can illuminate the doorway, and you can secretly observe the location. You can thus identify the visitor without turning on outside lights.

A more pleasant theatre application of the Snooperscope, in both professional and amateur productions, is to study audience reactions in the dark as the play or other performance progresses. These observations may provide clues for smoothing the production.

Create eerie scenes inside a family household! With Snooperscope you can see the infrared tracking dots, a feature of the Kinect, like seen in the movie Paranormal Activity 4. Test it out to see how it really works and how it would look on Snooperscope. Turn off all the lights, turn on the Kinect, aim Snooperscope away from the Kinect and you will see there’s this stuff going on in the house that you can’t see.

And with Snooperscope right at home you can perform some starling theatrics. Hide the device in a convenient closet or cupboard before your guests arrive. When all are present, seat them at one end of the room and turn out all the lights. In the pitch dark, you can describe every little action of each individual on the far end of the room. Most people are unfamiliar with the Snooperscope and the night vision, and will be dumbfounded by your ability to see in the dark!


Since the infrared reflection of pigments in paints and inks is different from that of white light, it is possible to detect forged paintings and checks by the way the color appears.
Snooperscope is able to create revealing images using reflected infrared light, internal defects that are not evident in visible light, the use of different materials, and sometimes the artist’s pencil.


Some objects appear opaque in daylight, but with Snooperscope they are transparent!


Crime detection laboratories are now using similar equipment for reading through certain types of material. You can attach Snooperscope to a microscope and greatly broaden your observation because many substances react very differently to infrared light than they do to visible light. Snooperscope’s infrareds can penetrate deeper into some materials (e.g. animal tissues) and permit examination below the surface. Document forgeries can often be detected with infrared and many colored objects react strangely to the invisible light.

In this example we have spotted some India ink on a page over some writing. Your eyes will only see the blackened spot, but the Snooperscope will peer through the top layer of ink and reveal the writing just as clearly as if there were no top coating. This method permits instantaneous examination which often is often of great convenience.


Use Snooperscope to study the behaviour of small nocturnal animals in total darkness.Naturalists and campers will find the Snooperscope an ideal instrument with which to study the habits of nocturnal wildlife. Unlike an ordinary flashlight, the invisible infrared beam of the Snooperscope will not frighten away the animals under observation. Another useful application is in photography of wild animals. Snooperscope can be used as part of your mobile device and it can be a valuable observation device. Many wildlife pictures can now be made by observing the animal from a distance and tripping the shutter when the creature is in the best possible position. Even a video can be made better. Farmersand ranchers may find Snooperscope a practical device for observing predators that harass livestock, chickens, etc. Ordinary lights will scare off such pests before they are properly identified, whereas their movements can be easily observed with the Snooperscope and more effective countermeasures can be taken.


Use it with a micro-lens to study bacteriological and botanical specimens under infrared rays. Certain large molecules may now be examined in a different way, since they become transparent using Snooperscope.


Snooperscope can be an infrared optical air quality sensor, designed to sense dustparticles. Snooperscope is especially effective at detecting very fine particles like cigarette smokedustpollution and other particles in the air, and can be used as an air purifier system.


Many colored textiles will appear in different colors; for example, some black or red textiles will appear white when viewed with the Snooperscope, while others appear very dark. The difference is due to the use of different types of dyes in coloring the materials. Uneven, poor-quality dyeing of fabrics can often be spotted.


With two sets of Snooperscope you can blink invisible Morse code signals over a distance of a mile or more. Momentarily cover each Snooperscope with your hand and then blink the invisible signals, which your distant partner can detect.

The story and the evolution of Snooperscope

The Snooperscope were designed originally for military use to enable infantrymen to secretly observe the enemy and aim rifles accurately in total darkness.
When the infrared light source is turned on, the user, by employing a special eyepiece, can see in the area covered by the light, although to the naked eye total darkness still prevails.
However, these same devices have countless peacetime applications, having nothing whatsoever to do with guerrilla warfare.

The Snooperscope has a lot of practical applications:  night vision, communications, botanical, environment, paint, observation and lot of others.

And with this project, we are reinventing the Snooperscope for the 21st century using your mobile device or tablet.

The Snooperscope App

The Snooperscope App is available for iOS and Android.
The App is really easy to setup and use:

Want to capture what you’re seeing on your smartphone?
Simply click the snapshot icon on the App to take still pictures or click the record icon to record an actual video and save it.
The snapshots will come up so it’s easy to save them as a JPEG in your smartphone.
The recorded video will automatically save as an MPEG.

Snooperscope: how the prototype works

Development Process

Snooperscope technical specifications

Snooperscope runs through a Wi-Fi peer-to-peer connection, meaning it’s protected with a secure video feed.

Snooperscope uses H.264 video compression. This is a standard for video compression that allows for a better frame rate and smoother, enhanced, top quality video from the camera sensor.

Snooperscope has its own on-board power battery that provides up to 4 hours of active use. That means you don’t have to limit where you go or what you do because of a cord tethering you to one place – and it also won’t drain the battery in your mobile device.

Snooperscope can use different mounts to become a versatile solution in various situations.

The Snooperscope Team

We have designed, redesigned and reimagined Snooperscope many times during the past months, pouring countless hours into thinking about the user experience, the technical aspects of the project and how to deliver the world’s smallestlightest and smartestnight vision device using a smartphone at an affordable price point.

You can help bring Snooperscope to the world by being the very first to own it andexperiment with it!

We’ve spent many months designing and developing Snooperscope and its App.
We’ve built our prototypes and we need your help to take Snooperscope to the next level and get it into production.
We want to put the first series of Snooperscope into your hands so that you can use it and experiment with it with your friends.
We want to build a stronger relationship with our early adopters, and use feedback to make Snooperscope as amazing as possible.
With the valuable feedback we receive from supporters like yourselves, projects like Snooperscope will be given the opportunity to evolve and grow in a way we simply couldn’t achieve by ourselves.
Now we’re excited to build a product that can radically change the way people see what their eyes can’t.

Why do we need your support?

We’ve built our working prototypes.
We need your help to take the next step.
We’re looking for funds to put Snooperscope into production.
With your contribution you will help us:

Project Timeline

We currently have working prototypes in our hands and we are adding new features to the App.

Here is our timeline for putting Snooperscope into your hands:

Join us

in the movement to take Snooperscope to the next level!

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