Skadu is the Best Kitchen Cleaning Gadget ✨

The Skadu can help you have cleaner surfaces in less time without leaning in and touching the grime. Grab a Skadu using our affiliate link ✨

Meet Skadu, the new hand-held power scrubber that effortlessly cleans even the most stuck up grime on any surfaces in your home. Hyper Lychee’s engineering and technology has been razor-focused on developing the most powerful compact scrubber that delivers impeccable cleaning results.

Scrub Clean In Less Time
Scrubbing clean unnecessarily eats up a lot of time. Skadu’s patented (PDT) motor technology and gear design make cleaning up the toughest of grime faster than ever. Achieve a new level of hygiene in less time, and move on to doing the fun things in life.

Without Leaning In
Scrubbing clean can be exhausting! Stoves for example, and the tiles surrounding them, take up a lot of your physical energy until they are thoroughly cleaned. With Skadu the task is done before you know it.

& Without Touching the Grime
Cleaning products dry out and damage your skin over time. Not to mention the “ugh” factor of touching the grime. Keep the dirt and chemicals away from your hands.

Grab a Skadu using our affiliate link ✨

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