[ selfpree ] A Handheld Mini Printer

A Handheld Mini Printer for Business Cards, Envelope Labeling, Barcodes, Coupons, Stamps and more!!!

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The Idea

Antonis, as a freelance accountant, had been facing a very usual problem in his work: the difficulty of managing many different clients. Imagine a hundred unique clients with a hundred unique stamps on Antonis’ working desk. It is a total mess! Then, one day, an idea came up to his mind. A stamp that would be able to be used for all his clients, an electronic stamp that could save all the data of his clients and use it respectively.

Once he thought of this electronic stamp, Antonis immediately called his friend Dimitris, a software engineer, to inform him about his idea and ask him if it would be achievable. That was it! Dimitris found the idea great and started developing the project right away. He called his team! Aitzan, an embedded systems engineer, and Eleftheria, a marketing specialist, to settle the foundations of what later be called selfpree.

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