Sample Cutout Animation using Tupí, an Open & Free 2D Animation Software.

Tupi: An Open/Free 2D Animation Software based on usability and community values. Every human is an artist! Everybody is welcome! 🙂

Tupi is a project about 2D animation art and freedom. Traditionally, big software corporations like Adobe develop software, becoming the industry standard for artists—from big companies to independent animators.

Once upon a time at Latinoware 2011

This short film is just an example of how to make cutout animation using Tupí (
Script: Gustav Gonzalez
Staging & Animation: Gustavo Deveze
Voice: Jon ‘Maddog’ Hall
Photos: Luis Alonzo Fulchi / Gustav Gonzalez
Music: Olga Scotland (
January 2012
Making of:

Tupí: Magia 2D

Tupi is a free software/open source tool focused on the creation of vector animation in two dimensions (2D).

The main goal of this project is to provide an easy-to-use application for people of all ages interested in 2D animation design, using different techniques (cuts, stop motion, etc) from a friendly environment.

The final result of the works can be exported either into video files (OGV, AVI, MPEG, MOV, etc) or image arrays, depending on the user’s interest.

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