Retio – The Moment Never Ends

Retio –

Handcrafted retro radio speaker with vintage Nixie tubes. A tribute to the precious moments in the past.

Retio is a tribute to classic aesthetics, a way to cherish your memories through time and music.

Retio is an all-in-one retro radio, Bluetooth speaker, and clock. It uses Nixie tubes to display time and radio frequencies. Retio is portable, with a 6800mAh battery that supports 6 hours of playback and clock time. Each unit is handcrafted using American black walnut, 360 brass, and vintage Nixie tubes. Your Retio will be a gem and statement piece in your home for generations.

Nixie tubes were first manufactured in the 1950s for displaying numerals or other information using glow discharge. The last Nixie tubes were made in the early ‘90s when the technology was replaced by lower-cost alternatives such as LED. People at the time ignored the aesthetic beauty of Nixie tubes. For us, they’re not just an electronic means to display numbers, but also a uniquely decorative vintage gem. As Nixie tubes enthusiasts, we’ve collected them over the years from various sources to use in Retio – the tubes in your Retio are genuine vintage stock.

Today’s Nixie tube stock availability is very limited, and the price goes up almost month by month as more people are realizing the beauty of their vintage glow. Use of these rare components makes Retio one of the most unique speakers in the market.

The original Nixie tube manufacturers were conservative in describing the longevity of Nixie tubes – their lifetime use can span as long as 100,000 to 200,000 hours (22 years!) when the driver circuit is properly designed and implemented. The majority of Nixie tube clocks we designed and sold over ten years ago are still going strong today!

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