Rapid Sol Gen 2 is the Fastest Portable Solar Charger ☀️on the Market!

Get Fast Solar Charging in your pocket with the Rapid Sol Gen 2 for $80 using our affiliate link here https://rapid-sol-gen-2-fast-solar.kckb.st/e46611a6

How fast is it? It charges ⚡ most phones📱 in less than 1hr-2hrs 🕐 THE VERIFIED FASTEST SOLAR CHARGER ON THE MARKET!

🔌 7.5W 24% Raw Grade A Silicon 22.5% Fully Encapsulated SunCore Wafers Custom built for Evolution Wear®
⚡ 5V 2.7 AMP USB C Output
🔋 3700 MAH Battery 3.7v
🦩 1LB weight

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