Product Demo – UpCart used to easily carry Furniture

All-terrain, stair-climbing folding cart that’s Up for anything! The UpCart will upgrade the way you move things.
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UpCart: Up for anything!

Based on a new patented chassis concept, the UpCart combines a three-wheel design and a wide wheel base that can easily tackle obstacles, stairs, curbs, slopes and uneven terrain with a carrying capacity up to 150lbs. Yet the UpCart still folds to a depth of just over four inches, allowing for convenient storage!

The UpCart is a robust solution to a real-world problem. We developed the UpCart because our daily routines are more diverse and mobile than ever before. We need to be in countless places throughout the day, and we need to be equipped with items for us to complete all of our tasks – the fun ones, the inconvenient ones and the ones that we just have to get done.

When we developed the UpCart, we didn’t set out to invent or re-invent the wheel. We love wheels but believe we should make them work harder for us to make modern living a whole lot easier. Our engineering philosophy has always been that the best solutions are the simplest ones that work.

The UpCart doesn’t just fill a gap in the market. It simplifies how you and all of your necessities get to your destination wherever it may be, then folds up neatly for when you need it next.

There are carts that fold flat and there are carts designed to traverse stairs and obstacles – but none that do both. Until now. The UpCart is a hand cart like no other. Built to last from strong metal components, bearings that will hold up to the rigors of modern life and developed on a modular chassis that will shape itself to the unique challenges of moving things in different environments and on different surfaces. The UpCart will keep on rolling when cheap, plastic carts crack and fail.

The UpCart’s patented design will keep you moving effortlessly and efficiently through whatever hurdles life throws at you.

Key Benefits

It’s Up for anything! – The three-wheel design has been proven to be the most effective design for dealing with obstacles and stairs
Reduced effort required! – The combination of the three-wheel design and how the weight of the load is balanced reduces the amount of effort needed to pull any load up a stair or over an obstacle Improved stability and balance – With four wheels in contact with the ground at all times, the weight of the load is distributed more evenly and makes it easier to handle
Adjustable handle – Height adjustable handle allows you to select the optimum height for both stairs and level surfaces
Self-locking when unfolded – Prevents the cart from folding on you when you don’t want it to and risk loosing/damaging whatever you are carrying

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