Product Demo – Scratch Duino Programmed by children

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Scratch Duino is a highly customizable, simple and interactive open source robot kit with magnetic-mount sensors.

WHAT IS THE Scratch Duino

ScratchDuino is a comprehensive and easy-to-use robot kit in all aspects:

Modular and customizable
Easy assembly using magnetic-mount parts
ScratchDuino collects information on multiple channels simultaneously allowing to build complex solutions for various tasks
Reliable / troubleproof
Open Source (Scratch+Arduino)
Easy programmable (1 hour workshop is enough to start programming for 7 years kid)
Scratch Duino is ready out of the box to collect data and process it according to a piece of code you design with Scratch.

The goal is to raise $105,000 by October 24, 2014, and to start the serial production of ScratchDuino robots construction kits in Finland.

Scratch Duino is an educational open source robot-designing kit. It is a complete solution, which combines both hardware and software in a single extendable setup. The hardware part is modular and easy to assemble.

Scratch Duino is reliable and designed to work under tough conditions: each sensor is protected by its individual plastic shield that can be mounted onto the motorized platform in a foolproof way. You can easily build a robot from scratch just combining the motorized platform and different types of sensors.

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