Product Demo – AMAZING REFLECTIVE Hip Pack Pouch by Rickshaw Bagworks

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We’ve designed a high-visibility backpack & messenger bag featuring our new innovative reflective fabric. Made by us in our SF factory.

We’ve taken our Rickshaw Performance Tweed™ to the next level with high-tech reflective yarn.

A few years ago we tried making bags with expensive wool tweed, only to discover that the bags wore out quickly when subjected to everyday use. We were disappointed with the performance of the fabric, but we fell in love with the classic herringbone and houndstooth patterns.

Undeterred, we worked with one of the few remaining upholstery fabric mills in the United States to develop our own Rickshaw Performance Tweed™, made with rugged polyester yarns. Today we offer both designs in myriad colors.

Last year we discovered a new and innovative reflective yarn, and immediately dreamed of REFLECTIVE Performance Tweed™. The reflective yarn is expensive, and challenging to weave, but we found an entrepreneurial mill in North Carolina to help us develop this exciting new fabric.

A few months ago we created our first fabric samples — just enough yardage to make prototypes of our popular Sutro Backpack, Zero Messenger Bag, and a few smaller items. We were blown away by the results. Even in ambient light the backpack “shimmers” — and in the dark, the bag explodes with reflectivity when illuminated. The fabric is visibly special in both daylight and darkness.

Watch this video of Rickshaw REFLECTIVE Performance Tweed™ in action…

Let’s get started…

Now we’re appealing to the Kickstarter community to help us launch our new REFLECTIVE Performance Tweed™ collection. The solid reflective fabric is extravagant, but stunning. For a more affordable alternative, we created a striped version using much less reflective yarn. We also tested five fabric colors — Black, Blue, Red, Purple and Green. Our base funding milestone allows us to produce the minimum yardage of Black. If we exceed our goal, we’ll add as many of the other colors as we can afford. Let’s see how it goes.

Our new reflective fabric is absurdly expensive — far too expensive for mass-market products from mainstream bag companies with standard retail mark-ups. That’s where we come in. We’re a small, independent company with big ideas, our own sewing factory in San Francisco, and no outside shareholders telling us what we can and can’t do. We’re determined to make this fabric a reality, even if just for a few passionate enthusiasts. So, we’re offering our Kickstarter backers special pricing to cover the incremental cost of the fabric.

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