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The Editing Deck | For Camera Lovers | Tips & Tricks For Digital Imaging | Limited Kickstarter Edition

Introducing – THE PHOTO EDITING DECK – The Ultimate Cheat Sheet Playing Cards for Digital Image Processing. No matter If you are shooting on a small or a big camera or even your phone – No matter which editing app you are using. They illustrate the most useful editing functions and common principles and will help you improve your skills and supercharge your photo manipulation knowledge.

Following the massive success of my 2020 project – THE PHOTOGRAPHY DECK – which was successfully shipped to over 10.000 Camera enthusiasts around the world – and became the largest Playing Card project on Kickstarter by the number of backers – I designed the concept for a new deck of cards. With everyone sitting at home in front of their devices I thought now is the perfect time to teach how to edit images. I created this new deck based on the Kickstarter community feedback.

Imagine a deck of playing cards that summarises everything you need to know about PHOTO EDITING as small cheat sheets. Photography is super fun and has become a part of our every-day lifes – but shooting is often only half of the story. It is essential to know the common tools and functions and technical jargon to achieve consistent results. Mastering PHOTO EDITING can turn average images into amazing memories.

The deck consists 52 standard Playing Cards and 2 Jokers and is the ultimate gift for shutterbugs and camera enthusiasts.The numbered cards illustrate tips and tricks for a better PHOTO EDITING workflow. They are basically pocket-sized cheat sheets that summarize your image editing functions and techniques for the most common apps. They will allow you to step up your editing game, no matter where you are.

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