Paperlike 253: The First 25.3 inch E-ink Monitor

Paperlike 253 –

The World Largest E-ink Monitor. 3K HD. Display Like Real Paper. Protect Your Eyes. Unprecedented!

Why we need a Paperlike E-ink Monitor
■ Do your eyes hurt when you look at a computer screen?
■ Do you have children or elderly relatives who are sensitive to the glare?
■ Are you an office worker who stares at a computer 10 hours a day?

In the information age, we look at our computers and smartphones for more than 12 hours a day. Our eyes are easily exposure to the damage caused by traditional LCD displays. Strong light, flash and blue light make our eyes dry, inflamed, deeper myopia, dizziness and even cause headache. We urgently need a paper-like monitor to save our eyes.

E-ink is the world’s best ambient-light-reflecting display technology. lt drives ink droplets inmicrocapsules by voltage to make natural, clear images on the screen, illuminated by lighting the environment rather than a backlight.

If you are sensitive to bright lights or have headaches working with LCD displays, this is the monitor you’ve been waiting for. DASUNG E-ink Monitor Paperlike 253 is easy on the eyes and larger than ever, offer your incredible using experience!

Who need Paperlike 253
Lawyers, teachers, students, programmers, traders, writers, editors, office workers, the elderly, people with visual impairment (dry eye, myopia, macular disease etc.)

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