Packed Pixels adds An extra monitor for your laptop!

A high resolution monitor for your laptop that fits neatly into your laptop bag. Take your desktop experience out on the road.
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A desktop experience on the move

Packed Pixels allows you to have a multi-monitor setup for your laptop that:

Fits in your laptop bag
Needs no additional plugin power supply
Quick to setup
Needs no drivers and works with Windows, OSX and Linux
Simple mounting for all devices

The brackets simply slide on and off and fit a wide variety of screen thicknesses and screen sizes allowing Packed Pixels to be used with most laptops. No sticky pads or awkward clips to worry about.

A desk stand is also included if you prefer to use Packed Pixels free standing.

Suitable for all your needs

The screen(s) can be mounted in portrait of landscape orientations on either the left or right of your screen. They can even be mounted facing away from you for the display or presentations.

Flexible connectivity

Packed Pixels plugs directly into any Thunderbolt, DisplayPort or Mini DisplayPort enabled laptop. This connectivity means no drivers are needed for Windows, OS X or Linux and also allows for high frame rate uses such as video playback and gaming; a first in this sector.

If your laptop doesn’t have Thunderbolt or DisplayPort you can opt for a USB3 to DisplayPort dongle. Simply add £60 to your pledge for each dongle you would like.
Please note the optional USB3 dongles are based upon the DisplayLink system which doesn’t yet have Linux support.

What’s in the box

Each Packed Pixels screen comes with:

The screen itself
A pair of brackets
USB to micro USB cable
Your choice of either: A Thunderbolt/Mini DisplayPort cable or a full size DisplayPort cable
The Tech Specs

Screen resolution : 2048 x 1536
Screen size : 9.7”
Screen weight : approx 340g / 12oz
Screen dimensions : 228 x 180 x between 20 and 9mm
Case material : injection moulded black ABS with a slightly matt surface finish
Digitally controllable screen brightness
USB current draw is 1.5A at full brightness. This can be restricted to 1A or 0.5A for older laptops. While this does reduce screen brightness they remain at very usable levels and of course there is always the option of using a phone/tablet charger for power instead of your laptop.
Production timeline

December and January – Finalise product design
February and March – Tooling build and testing
April – Production
May – Delivery

Stretch goals

£100,000 Both the Thunderbolt/Mini DisplayPort and full size DisplayPort cables included with all Packed Pixels
£150,000 Free storage pouch
£200,000 ???
Read Me!

While this product has been designed for use with laptops Dovetail Technology Ltd cannot guarantee that your specific laptop is suitable to have the Packed Pixel screen(s) mounted. If you have any concerns about your laptops suitability to have the Packed Pixel screen(s) mounted you can use the desk stand to simply stand the screens on the desk next to your laptop instead.

It should also be noted that Packed Pixels has been designed for static desk use. If you need to move your laptop you should unmount the Packed Pixels screen(s) prior to moving.

Dovetail Technology Ltd cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from the use of this product.

Video used with permission. Video Copyright (c) of its respective owner.

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