NOMADIX – Multi-Purpose Towels for Travel, Beach & Yoga. Own less. Do more

Nomadix high-performance, multipurpose towels made from 100% recycled material — Own less. Do more.
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Our towel has been soaked in seawater and left in the sun. We send it on surf trips, into the yoga studio, and into backpacks that cross borders. All of our products go through rigorous testing to ensure that even after years of use, they still perform at the highest level.


We know our customers want to make the right choice, so we are making it easy. Our towel is made from 100% recycled material, using a process that minimizes our impact to the environment. We pledge to make our products responsibly, so we can keep our earth green.


Own less. Do More. Buy one towel that does it all, instead of three that don’t. We create products that are multi purpose, so you can own fewer things. And they will not sit in the closet, because they will be with you on that adventure you have stapled to your cubicle.

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