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Prototype faster and create wirelessly connected interactive objects. As easy as making websites.
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Why WeIO ?

Quickly make smartphone and tablet applications which drive motors, sensors, lights. Power of RPi, but with realtime digital and analog. Simplicity of Arduino, but with multitasking and web. WiFi integrated – no additional dongles, shields or driver installations. High-level languages: HTML5 and Python. No more cross-compilation. Zero installation on PC – all tools served from the board. Analog I/Os off the shelf . No need for additional AD converter circuits.

Realtime hardware.

WeIO is an innovative open source hardware and software platform for rapid prototyping and creation of wirelessly connected interactive objects using only popular Web languages such as HTML5 or Python.

Painless control from any smartphone or tablet!
Program your web app using your computer browser and launch it right away on the board. Observe and control the board from your smartphone or tablet browser. It’s that simple!

WeIO is made for the lazy ones ;). We visualize all sensor data in realtime on our smartphone from browser. We program from browser, also. WeIO connection from things (even if it’s just one photoresistor) to any smartphone or tablet is instant and visual. Our secret is HTML5!

Designed to be simple

Electronics and wireless connectivity made simple and web-friendly: make real-world physical objects the same way you make web sites!

WiFi integrated

The WeIO board comes with a WiFi module integrated in the chip, so that wireless connectivity is there as soon as you plug the board. Both AP (hotspot, for private networks) and STA modes are supported. Configuration is super-easy.

Access from any browser

WeIO = development board + WeIO IDE, locally served (not from the cloud, but from the board itself): program and control all inputs and outputs on the board from any browser!

No installation needed

There is nothing to install on your PC to start using WeIO – all SW tools are already present on the board. Just point your browser to it, and start using it right away.

HTML5 or Python programming

WeIO uses an Arduino-like API, but in JavaScript and/or Python (both are supported), so it is really easy to learn and start using it.

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