New Invention – WoodyMac – Magnetic Building Blocks as architectural toy

Wooden, magnetic, architectural toy – a building block set for boys, girls and fun loving adults. Family-friendly activity for everyone
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WoodyMac—The first of its kind, WoodyMac is a large, sturdy architectural set for boys, girls, and fun-loving adults. These wooden construction blocks are designed to foster creativity, develop architectural and engineering skills, and promote spatial thinking—the skill required to mentally manipulate 2D and 3D objects—which scientific studies have demonstrated is key to the development of new knowledge and innovation in technology, math, and science. Build a dollhouse, a castle, a high-tech home, a supermarket, or anything else you can dream up!

We’re combining an innovative magnetic building set with an interactive, cutting edge mobile application, that will allow users to share their fun online and will enable parents to participate, encourage, monitor, and educate from anywhere at any time. This mobile networking platform will also enable older players to create designs, order custom parts, share blueprints, and even sell or exchange custom parts they’ve built on their 3D printers – a virtual design studio to create your very own architecture, structures you can feel, touch, play with.

The blocks are made from all-natural, non-toxic, allergy-safe materials utilizing natural, high-quality, durable beech wood and plywood inset with neodymium* magnets, ready for you to build the house of your dreams. The versatility of the WoodyMac set makes it an exciting new product for both boys and girls, whether building a castle, dreaming up a dollhouse, or designing unique furniture—and adults will love it too! WoodyMac helps architects and designers come up with new ideas and new inspiration – it’s true!

Please read the pledge options carefully before selecting which option you want.

The photographs are examples of building projects that we put together to give you an idea of the kinds of things you could do with your building set. We’ve carefully and strategically selected the parts in each set (and add-on) to provide as wide a variety of building opportunities without unnecessary or unusable parts. Everything is designed to work together. The add-on sets for the starter kit make even more and even bigger structures and building opportunities possible.

Please remember that the photos show only a tiny fraction of the actual building possibilities. These models were built spontaneously and then photographed. While you’ll certainly be able to recreate them all (as per the included instructions), don’t forget that the best part will be creating your own masterpieces!

Please note that the our building sets are a particularly challenging product to present on Kickstarter. While we could offer a variety of sets, ranging from the simplest and most affordable to very complex and expensive ones, the way the Kickstarter platform is structured makes this approach potentially little confusing to our backers and challenging for us to manage. We appreciate your understanding, and we welcome your feedback.

Feel free to offer suggestions! We’re listening. We’re interactive product designers—we’re always looking for input on how we can improve our offerings, better engage and delight kids, and help get everyone a little more connected through hands-on learning and creativity.

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