New Invention – Wet diaper detector keychain, for children and nursing homes

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This patent pending key chain, will light an indicator, when put next to a wet diaper.

Have you ever had a sleeping baby and wondered if they were wet? Have you ever had the snow suit on and didn’t want to take it off to check because you were in a store. This patent pending detector takes the guess work out of your babies diaper. Simply press the button and hold it up to the diaper. A light will indicate when the diaper needs changing.

I am an engineer and a parent and I hate checking for wet diapers. There is really no good way to do it especially in a store. This diaper detector works with capacitive touch with the USB connector as the electrode.. I used the components from a USB drive to keep it low cost. The case is off the shelf but I get lower costs when I buy it in bulk. It runs on a coin cell battery which is included.

This product would also benefit people that work in nursing homes.

I first started out with the schematic and then I laid it out. I ordered some boards to prove the concept works and found a case. It takes about 1 hour to build each one.

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