New Invention – Vision Aerial SwitchBlade TriCopter Pro Maiden Flight HD – Professional MultiCopter

A professional grade MultiCopter designed with a focus on user experience, value and state-of-the-art flight technology.

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” ~Leonardo da Vinci

MultiRotor Aerial Platforms are extremely versatile and have an ever growing list of applications for professionals and enthusiasts. For example:

Research and Educational Institutions – Agriculture Researchers, Volcanologists, Control Theory Mathematicians, Wildlife Biologists, Conservationists, etc.

Civil Services – Search and Rescue, Police, Fire Departments, Lifeguards, Disaster Relief Agencies, etc.

Journalists & Photographers can now capture dangerous or difficult shots where previously only prohibitively expensive manned helicopters could.

Inspection & Engineering now can use these vehicles as tools to inspect infrastructures inexpensively, often and with much less effort than manned operations.
Action Sports – Whether your filming a little league game, motocross, downhill mountain biking, skiing or paragliding in the Swiss alps, an aerial perspective will make it epic!

Joy – while not a commonly talked about as an application, SwitchBlades are truly fun to fly and evoke joy, passion and enthusiasm from not only their pilots but also their spectators.

The SwitchBlade is designed to be an open platform. Easily & conveniently upgradable, it stands out as testament to a design focused from day one on adding value to you, the user.

Which SwitchBlade is right for me?

If you have interest or already love to fly RC and think some aerial filming or other lightweight payload would be fun, the SwitchBlade is your machine.

If you have need for pre-programmed flights, heavier payloads, plan to use it for filming the majority of the time or simply love the beauty of the advanced GPS enabled flight features, then the SwitchBlade-Pro is for you.

Precision Yaw Assembly

Clean, strong and precise yaw assembly design ensures a consistently smooth and reliable yaw motion.

Drive System **Updated Nov 12th 2013**

The drive system consists of the Battery, Motor Controller (ESC), Motor and Propeller.

The SwitchBlade uses a high voltage 4S High capacity 5000mAh matched cell Lithium Polymer battery, heat sink cooled 30A motor controller, 800W brushless motors and 12×4.7in propellers.

The SwitchBlade-Pro uses a very high voltage 5S high capacity 5000mAh matched cell high discharge Lithium Polymer battery, heat sink cooled 30A motor controller, 1000W brushless motors and 14×4.7 carbon fiber propellers.

Flight Controller

The SwitchBlade comes standard with the KK2.0 flight controller. Clean and simple to use, the KK2.0 provides solid flight stabilization parameters with easy to use on board adjustability. Featuring separate modes for auto-level and acrobatics selectable from the flick of a switch on the transmitter.

The SwitchBlade-Pro comes with the extremely sophisticated second-generation APM flight controller. Capable of advanced GPS enabled flight features like Return-to-Launch, 3D position hold, Altitude Hold and through the use of a PC, fully programmable hands-off missions.

Radio System

The SwitchBlade (Ready-to-Fly package) comes standard with a robust and easy to use mode two, six channel, 2.4GHz spread spectrum radio and receiver featuring digital trims and switches for servo reversing. (runs on 4x AA batteries)

The SwitchBlade-Pro (Ready-to-Fly package) comes with the Turnigy 9x, a very capable and community supported nine channel, 2.4GHz, fully programmable computerized transmitter with up to 16 model memory and eight channel receiver.

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