New Invention – Virtual Smart Spontaneous Animation Program

A new kind of virtual character sees, hears, learns, and intimately bonds with you on mobile devices.
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We are introducing Spontaneous Animation, a new software that makes virtual characters much more personal and intimate than ever before.

How is Spontaneous Animation different?

Standard interactive characters simulate a reaction to you, by selecting from prefabricated animations stored in computer memory. These prefab responses are based on a programmer’s best guess as to what you might do.
Spontaneous Animation characters actually react, by watching you, listening to you, and then instantaneously creating a unique reaction, based on your unique behavior.
Spontaneous Animation replaces inflexible, prefabricated response facsimiles, with infinitely variable, real responses to you alone.

This increased intimacy adds drama and compassion to interactive characters. What’s more — by eliminating the need to store and recall complex animation files — Spontaneous Animation is much faster and more efficient than traditional interactive animation.


The money raised by this Kickstarter campaign will enable us to take two giant steps forward:

STEP #1 – Complete and release the first, showcase example of Spontaneous Animation — a Virtual Baby, which will function in two ways:

As an ENTERTAINING APP, the Virtual Baby will play and learn while it emotionally bonds with you (for everyone of any age or skill) and;
As OPEN SOURCE CODE, access to the Virtual Baby’s software will let others adapt this new form of interactivity to their own original characters and projects (for programmers and developers).


The Virtual Baby focuses us on emotive interactivity — the exchange of body language, tone of voice, and expressions that define infantile communication. As adults, we strive to explain our behavior logically, but raw emotions remain a primary inspiration. In drama — movies, books and plays — we’re deeply moved by the raw emotions driving characters. The Virtual Baby is a first step in extending this more artistic, dramatic approach to interactivity as well.

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