New Invention – Violet: First wearable device that helps track your UV exposure!

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Violet is the first-ever wearable device that helps track your UV exposure and measure sun-generated vitamin D.

Portland Business Journal – “[The Ultra engineers] use their expertise to create wearable devices that can monitor things like vitamin D deficiency so people don’t have to end up in the doctor’s office with a medical mystery (vitamin D deficiency). Violet, does just that. It tracks the wearers sun exposure to monitor vitamin D production.”

The Daily Dot – “If you get in early with support, the device is quite a deal, and we’re excited to see such projects pushing the functionality of what wearable tech can do.”

Brit + CO – “Like most things in life, sun exposure requires balance. This new wearable tech by Violet will monitor your exposure and report back to you based on your personal skin type and sun tolerance.”

The Active Times – “This handy little clip-on will tell you how much vitamin D your body naturally generates from the sunlight and when it’s time to cover up with more protection.”

Gizmodo – “…there are quite a few reasons why a gadget like the Violet might make sense. The real-time tracking of absorbed UV radiation as well as (data including) produced vitamin D (is sent via alerts on) the iOS and Android app once you have reached the daily limit.”

Smartwatch Pro – “The usefulness of this device is undeniable: lovers of sunbathing – (get) more than enough, but not everyone knows the measurement and, as a consequence, expose themselves to serious danger.”

Computer Magazine – “Together with the measurement of UV, Violet also calculates the amount of vitamin D acquired by the body when exposed to the sun: a very important element for the health of each of us, as our mothers taught us as children.”

Morningstar – “Ultra serves health conscious individuals who are concerned about the detrimental effects of sun over-exposure (i.e. skin aging and skin cancer), as well as the risks of under-exposure, including vitamin D deficiency and depression.”
What is Violet?

Violet is the first wearable device that provides customized user guidance on optimal sun exposure. In sync with a mobile phone app, Violet monitors your real-time UV exposure, alerts you before the measured UV dosage approaches a limit, and calculates your daily natural vitamin D production. By measuring both detrimental and beneficial effects of UV light, Violet helps achieve optimal sun balance.

Growing evidence has shown that vitamin D is vital for good overall health. Many studies have linked vitamin D deficiency to numerous diseases, including cancers. Your body can make its own vitamin D when you expose your skin to sunlight.

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