New Invention – VELLO bike: high performance folding bicycle

VELLO bike: a city bike revolution. It is a high performance, hand-made folding bicycle.
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It’s hip, it’s fast and it’s foldable in a second! A high-performance, hand-made and lightweight folding bike with innovative features designed for the perfect ride in the city!

A new city experience

VELLO bikes are folding bicycles developed for urban mobility. They include some of the best features of a city, racing and folding bike, while also integrating new functions to cope with the demands of the urban lifestyle. Its 20” wheels make the overall size of the bike smaller than most other bikes and more responsive, perfect for the city where many stop-go motions are part of your everyday commute.

The specially developed folding mechanism combined with a magnetic shock absorber ensures that the rear wheel can be brought forward with a simple rotary movement. This enables the bike to be rolled along everywhere; you can push it into a narrow lift or onto the subway. The front and rear lights are integrated into the frame and the foldable fenders protect your clothing in all types of weather.

Our story

Valentin is a product designer who’s been fascinated with mobility products and wheels ever since childhood. In preparation for a trip to the Caribbean with two friends he made the first prototypes of VELLO bike to explore all corners of the country by bike, bus, train and occasionally car.

The trip was a true inspiration, and so he joined forces with Valerie Wolff, bike lover and startup enthusiast, to design a bike that is user-centred and to plan the market entry. The team eventually expanded to include Jakob Illera and Paris Maderna, mechanical engineers and product developers, to work on the details and to perfect the bike. The process involved drawing, redrawing, modeling, remodeling, building and rebuilding, testing and retesting – until all involved felt confident enough to put their stamp of quality on the folding bike.

Now, 3 years down the road, we’re ready: we would now like to introduce the VELLO, a bike that combines ease of fold with high-performance.

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