New Invention – Transcense: Finally Talk With Any Deaf Person

Making group conversations between Deaf & hearing possible: the first realtime captioning on a phone.
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We’re Berkeley and USF grads from the US, France, Holland and Taiwan. We faced the problem of hearing loss in an unusual way: Thibault was born in a Deaf family (CODA); Skinner is deaf and non-signer; Pieter and Noore learned American Sign Language.
Transcense is the first mobile app that makes group conversations between deaf & hard-of-hearing people and their hearing peers, finally possible & effortless.
Zero to full engagement, under a second: Transcense shows you who says what around you, in real-time, so you can answer in time, and be part of the discussion.
Never miss a conversation again: Transcense connects to the smartphones of a room to transcribe a group conversation, such as a business meeting, a family dinner, or a moment with your friends.
True autonomy, right in your pocket: Available anytime, anywhere, right in your pocket. Your personal interpreter for group communications is finally affordable.

5% of the world population suffers from disabling hearing loss. Group conversations are especially hard to follow. Transcense is here to help just that.

In group situations:
It’s really hard to read lips: Only 25% of English can be read on lips. Staying focused long enough is in itself a challenge.
The dynamics are intense and changing: if you miss a few words due to change of speakers, you may have missed a change of topic and end up confused.
People are less accountable: It’s hard to make sure that the deaf/hard of hearing person has understood the discussion. Peer pressure makes it harder.
In business meetings at work, during family dinners at home, or even in classrooms: this is a situation that happens everyday, and was taken for granted.
Until now.

We developed Transcense to end the professional and social exclusion caused by hearing loss. Transcense brings meaning to the conversation and allows the deaf person to actively engage again.

Transcense connects to other devices in the room and leverages their microphones to listen to and interpret the conversation, right on your screen.
Tom installs the app on his tablet and brings the tablet for a dinner with his friends. His friends have never seen the product before, so Tom asks them to pull out there phones. Tom has a very clever and quick way to connect his tablet (has the app) with the other devices around the table. The only thing Tom’s friends need to do is pushing one button to confirm they are part of the conversation. They do not need to install the app or anything else. However they do have the option to install the app for free. This allows for an even better experience for Tom and his friends.

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