New Invention – Total POM – Bluetooth GPS Tracking Chip for Peace Of Mind

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Total POM is a Bluetooth/GPS enabled item finder that gives you Total Peace Of Mind. Total POM comes with a custom app for your iPhone.

Total POM is the most feature rich, convenient, and affordable Bluetooth/GPS Tracking tag. For more information, visit

One of the biggest things people want in life is peace of mind. With so many things to worry about, we are constantly searching for things to make us breathe a little easier. That’s where POM & Total POM come in. Our Bluetooth/GPS tags help you keep track of and find the things that are most important to you. Whether you want to easily find your keys, wallet, tv remote, purse, laptop or tablet. Or, you want to keep track of your pets or kids. POM can help.

We offer all the features that other tracking chips offer such as:

Bluetooth tracking capability
Temperature gauge
Ability to share with friends & family
Sleek, compact tag design
Leashing function to let you know when you left something behind
Accelerometer Sensor to tell you if an item moves at all
Beeping alerts – Play a sound on the tag to easily find it
Replaceable battery
128-bit encryption of all data
Last known location function
Lost and Found so other POM users can alert you if your item is found

What separates POM & Total POM from the other tracking chips out there?

We combine Bluetooth, Cellular and GPS tracking systems to give you ultimate coverage.
We have a POM Link which works like a 24/7 monitoring beacon for your home, office or anywhere you choose.
We have stylish bands specifically geared towards kids
POM has a 3-year battery life expectancy with a replaceable battery
Total POM has a 1-year battery life expectancy w/ a replaceable battery.*
No need to charge your device every 24 hours.
No monthly cost with 1st year of use and after that only $19.99/year**
*Battery life drops depending on how many GPS requests you have

**GPS & Cellular tracking cost $19.99/year for service. International prices may vary based on location.

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