New Invention – The Stove Lite: LED Lantern Powered by a Wood Stove!

This classic-looking lantern uses the heat of your wood stove to light up your room, and charge your smartphone or tablet.
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The Stove Lite is a traditional looking lantern that is anything but conventional. It contains a thermoelectric generator – technology that makes it possible to create electricity from heat without moving parts.

The Stove Lite harnesses heat from your wood stove, converting it to electricity that powers its built-in light, as well as charging its battery and your smartphone device.

Whether you occupy an “off-grid” home (a house without infrastructure electricity), are preparing for a disaster / power outages, or are simply trying to make your home more efficient, our patented Stove Lite is an attractive and effortless solution to turn your wood stove into a miniature power plant.

The Story of the Stove Lite

We are a close group of engineers from Vermont Technical College, who have been working with thermoelectric technology that allows heat to be converted to electricity.The idea for the Stove Lite first came to us when we found a rusty old kerosene lantern in an antique shop. Hurricane lanterns, as they were once known, were an essential tool for homesteaders with their simplistic design, robust construction, and aggressive light output. We felt this beautiful and practical design could be preserved if it was retrofitted with modern technology. We brought the lantern back to our shop, painted over the rust, and outfitted the cavity with a thermoelectric module, custom electronics, and LEDs. The first Stove Lite! (Yes, that’s a plastic Dixie cup).

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