New Invention – THE RIGHT ARM The ultimate ergonomic extension device for iPads, laptops, tablets.

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The ultimate ergonomic extension device for iPads, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and even books and cameras.

$100k Stretch Goals UNLOCKED! Check out our new rewards, including The Right Arm in WHITE with a royal BLUE gel pad and The Right Arm in BLACK with a crimson RED gel pad. Get both colors in a 2 pack!

Tired of holding your tablet in bed? Sick of hunching over your laptop at your desk? We were too. That’s why we created The Right Arm — the best mobile computing stand on the market. We designed The Right Arm with three principles in mind:

Stability – strong, sturdy, wobble-free
Mobility – flexible and adaptable to different environments
Universal attachment – the advanced adhesive gel is compatible with any device, retains its strength over time, and can be cleaned with water.
Before we started designing The Right Arm, we noticed that existing tablet stands and docks were predominantly desk-level products that didn’t really solve the problem of positioning a device for comfortable viewing. Most of the existing devices were about as useful as using a few books to prop up your tablet. The Right Arm offers a flexible, durable, and supportive extension apparatus so you can use your devices anywhere, anytime.

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