New Invention – The Pronto – The fastest charging portable battery pack.

The fastest charging portable battery pack. In just 5 minutes, you get enough juice to fully charge an iPhone 5 on-the-go!
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Pronto (Promtus – Latin) means quick, like LIGHTNING QUICK, and our battery packs live up to their name. The Pronto battery packs are designed to store power fast so you can ditch the wall outlet and recharge your gadgets on-the-go!

We’re not just talking fast, we’re talking INSANELY FAST. Check out how much power the Pronto 12 can store in as little as 5 minutes:


Most universal battery packs give you power on-the-go but take FOREVER to charge. Waiting up to 12 hours to power up these batteries keeps you stuck to the wall and defeats the purpose of portable power.

We made it our mission to fix this problem by creating a battery pack that charges CRAZY fast from a wall outlet. We ended up with a design that allows the Pronto to charge up to 12X faster than other batteries on the market today.


Both Pronto models charge in an hour and are equipped with a rugged hard-anodized aluminum enclosure. But that’s just the beginning of the Pronto’s awesomeness! The long list of features below comes standard on both battery packs:

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