New Invention – The PowerPot X – Innovative portable thermoelectric generator!

An innovative portable generator that turns heat into electricity. Now with 10 Watts of power at your fingertips… all while you cook!
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The PowerPot V is a thermoelectric generator that we debuted on Kickstarter in April 2012. It is a small portable generator that doubles as a cooking pot. All it takes is fire and water to make the magic happen. It is extremely durable, easy to use, and has no moving parts! Since our campaign, The PowerPot V has received critical acclaim including the 2013 Backpacker Magazine Editor’s Choice Gear Award.

The new, lightweight PowerPot X series marks the next stage in thermoelectric power generation. Our patented design is more efficient and produces more power than ANY thermoelectric generator on the market. Its larger size makes it more practical for preparing meals.

More power means more time for adventuring and less time spent waiting around for a charge. Most thermoelectric generators have a very low “maximum” output, around 2-4 watts. But in practice, most of these thermoelectric generators struggle to exceed 1-2 watts. Even solar panels struggle to provide their expected power output in less than perfect weather conditions and completely lose functionality at night. Such low power output is impractical for charging modern smartphones and other common USB devices. The PowerPot X fixes this problem by bringing a full 10 watts of max output. Even under mediocre conditions, it produces 5 watts, giving you ample power for charging any device.

One challenge we encountered with our early prototypes was charging tablets. We’ve worked through this problem and developed a regulator that can supply a regulated 10 Watts for charging tablets.

The PowerPot X series brings many new features to the lineup. Over the past two years we’ve become experts at charging USB devices. We even Kickstarted a product called the Practical Meter aimed at solving irregularities in USB charging. The functionality of the Practical Meter is built into our new regulator. You will now always know how much power your devices are receiving. This allows you to get the most out of your PowerPot X as well as provide expectations on charge times under the given conditions.

It isn’t an easy task to make a generator that is meant to be on a fire and won’t melt into a lump of metal. BUT we have enjoyed the challenge and love the idea of getting power out of wasted heat that would be lost otherwise. For the past 5 years, Paul and David have worked with this technology in every aspect ranging from fundamental academic research on new materials to applied consumer product design. Below are a few of the prototype PowerPots that have come to life over the past years.

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