New Invention – The Poo Puck: An Earth Friendly Dog Waste Retrieval System

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A simple, fun, and renewable dog poo collection system that completely replaces the disgusting plastic bag and scooping device!

The Inspiration

My daughter, Anna, wanted a puppy for many years, but I resisted because I didn’t like the mess that dogs make in my backyard and in the neighbor’s yard when we take a dog for a walk. She pleaded and promised that she’d take full responsibility for ALL messes (ah huh, not a chance) so I gave in, and now we have had our beautiful Golden Retriever for over 4 years. I love our dog, Prescott, but my only regret is that I didn’t have my lawyer draft a legally binding contract with my daughter regarding the poo retrieval process.

Anna is absolutely disgusted with using a plastic bag for poo retrieval, and my 10 year old son always refused to participate. My solution was to develop a dog poo retrieval tool that was simple, but more importantly, FUN to use!… Hhmmm…. I had to start thinking like a child again….. Kids love to play with play-doh, right?!…. As a child, how would I creatively lift play-doh off the ground without using my hands?!… Ta-da!… The Poo Puck (patent pending) was developed!… And today, I still use blue play-doh for my product demonstrations.

With The Poo Puck, you simply place the 6 inch diameter Puck on top of the poo and STEP on it! The waste is lodged up into the honeycomb and adheres like a sponge; The honeycomb is then easily dislodged into the garbage bin using the ejection holes on the Puck. At 27 cubic inches of capacity (1 inch thick), The Poo Puck provides a comfortable margin of capacity for dogs up to 100 lbs.

Bags Stink

Two other issues that most of us hate about dog poo disposal include:

The smell that it brings into your garage
Plastic bags preserve the poo in a landfill for several thousand years
To solve the plastic bag issue, The Poo Puck uses all paper, in lieu of disposable plastic! Even further, the box that the refill cartridges are shipped in is reused as a collection box for the poo filled cartridges. All disposable parts biodegrade within a couple months, and we all know that paper leaves no residual damage to the earth.

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