New Invention – The Origami | A portable, folding-arm laser cutter

The Red Ant “Origami” is the first portable laser cutter with a fold-out arm and no limiting enclosure. Laser anywhere!
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The Red Ant Laser Story

David, Scott, Ollie, and Mike met at Techshop Pittsburgh when it first opened in March 2013. They all came from different backgrounds, using the resources at Techshop for all sorts of different projects, but what brought them together was an exciting idea Ollie hatched: making a laser cutter that you can bring anywhere. He wanted to etch the skyline of Pittsburgh into his own DIY coffee table, but unfortunately his table wouldn’t fit in the standard laser cutter bed, at least not all in one piece.
Instead of giving up, Ollie embarked on inventing the tool that could complete this challenge: a portable laser cutter. He knew he couldn’t do it alone, so he approached the three biggest nerds in Techshop. Scott, David, and Mike immediately embraced the idea and jumped into engineering the prototype. They quickly discovered that they work well together, and are all driven by creativity, a love of innovation, and odd working hours. The prototype quickly went from paper to fabrication.

Meanwhile, Ollie approached local start up accelerators and was happy when the Idea Foundry accepted Red Ant Lasers into their accelerator fellowship program, providing the group with $50,000 in funding and support. With this funding, the team officially setup the business, applied for patents, and finished the first prototype. They called it the “Origami”.

Now Red Ant Lasers brings their engineering prototype to the crowd funding community to get the support needed to grow the company. With successful funding, Red Ant Lasers will not only build 25 portable laser cutters, but they will set-up the business side of things from filing paperwork to setting up manufacturing processes to tackling international protocols. This campaign will Kickstart the team into a business.

Laser Design

The Origami laser is portable. It folds to save space, and it can be used in a variety of orientations (horizontal for tables, vertical for walls and windows, etc.). It has no limiting enclosure so users can create monumental works of art by indexing and moving the laser across the work area. You can take this laser to wherever and to whatever needs lasering. And really, what doesn’t need a good lasering? (The answer is obviously people and animals — please use your laser responsibly!)

The secret to the Origami’s versatility is its patented folding arm technology as well as its self-contained ventilation system. No giant hoses and special electrical hookups are needed to run the laser; simply carry it to your project, plug it in, open the arm, and begin personalizing your world! (Proper safety goggles are important, as with any laser.)

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