Pays for itself in the first season… Mobile app to track your savings… 30% off via Green Tax Credit…

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Feedback on the The Mister Beta Units

“I have been in the A/C supply business for over 40 years so I’ve seen a lot of products hit the market… The Mister really works! I saved 28% on my first bill and my Mister paid for itself in half of the first season.”

“The first day after I installed The Mister I felt it. WOW, what a difference! My system is outdated and doesn’t keep up in the summer… but with The Mister, it got 6 degrees cooler in our home than the previous summer day.”

“I use my Nest thermostat which gives me the usage of my units daily. My two A/C units run an average of 5 hours less a day! This product definitely works!”

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