New Invention – The MicroSlice | A Mini Arduino Laser Cutter & Engraver.

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The MicroSlice is a Build-It-Yourself kit, uses Open Source Software, and can be easily assembled at home by just about anyone.

What is the MicroSlice?

The MicroSlice is a mini laser cutter & engraver. It is controlled using an Arduino UNO. It uses Open Source software and is able to cut paper, and engrave wood & plastics.

The MicroSlice comes as a kit, which takes around 15 hours to build. All the parts are included in the full kits, everything from the Arduino UNO R3, to the laser diode, and all the cables, to the bolts & screws.

How did the MicroSlice come about?

I launched my first Kickstarter project back in July called the LittleBox. I didn’t hit the funding target but even though the project wasn’t successful I was so excited by the idea of being able to make my own LittleBox PC parts at home that I went out and bought myself a laser cutter.

Naturally I wanted to make something using my new toy, and being an avid follower, and a growing participant at Instructables, I was pressed into action by the launch of the 2013 Radioshack Microcontroller Contest.

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