New Invention – The Hug is a convenient sensor + app solution that tracks your water intake

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The Hug is a convenient sensor + app solution that tracks your water intake and coaches you towards optimal hydration.

Need a Hug?

What is a healthy life to you? Is it being able to perform better at school, the gym, or even the office? Is it minimizing risks of different ailments? Or is it just simply feeling better every day?

Most people simply don’t drink enough water and are constantly dehydrated without even realising it. Not only does dehydration decrease mental and physical performance, but it also makes us more likely to get sick.

The Hug is a convenient solution that helps you stay properly hydrated. It consists of a sensor band and a companion iOS app. Just slip The Hug sensor around pretty much any water bottle and connect it to an iOS device.

Using motion data and algorithms, The Hug sensor tracks the amount of water you drink, giving you automatic reminders via the sensor band and the iOS app to make sure you maintain optimal hydration. Think of it as your personal hydration coach, aiming to change your hydration habits!

Why is hydration so important?

Exercise, nutrition and sleep are naturally important factors in a healthy lifestyle. Hydration is part of this equation and directly impacts all the other categories. In theory, hydration is easy, yet a big portion of people (i.e. 43% of Americans) simply don’t drink enough water every day.

How does The Hug work?

The Hug is a solution consisting of a sensor band that is slipped around your water bottle, and a companion mobile app that coaches you towards optimal hydration. Popular wearable devices have been able to change their users’ exercise and sleep habits by offering effortless data tracking, motivational feedback and results. The Hug aims to change your hydration habits and help you lead a healthier, more active life.

We are on the forefront of developing a sensor for indirect liquid intake tracking. Using accelerometer technology and algorithms to learn the amount of liquid that the user drinks from the bottle, we indirectly measure your fluid consumption. The sensor uses accelerometer data to track specific movements related to drinking, and our algorithm learns to recognize specific patterns unique to your drinking habits. The algorithm filters out other movements, so you don’t have to worry about the times the bottle is in your gym bag as you’re running to make the next train.

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