New Invention – SYNEK: Any beer tapped fresh on your counter

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SYNEK is a draft system that serves any beer, fresh from the tap, anywhere you want it.

We believe that beer is an art that deserves to be shared with the world. Imagine, for a moment, that you could have access to every beer in the world fresh from the tap. Your favorite local brewery, your best friend’s homebrew, or an international favorite…all available to you wherever and whenever you want it.

SYNEK has turned that vision into a reality.

Time Magazine: “…a beer lover’s fantasy.”

Fast Company: “…the game-changing part is the flexible packaging.”

ABC: “…for anyone who has dreamed of one day [enjoying] a personal pint of beer anywhere imaginable…”

Mashable: “…like a Keurig, but for beer”

Engadget: ” …puts your kegerator out to pasture.”

Esquire: “What are you waiting for?”

PC Magazine: “Calling all beer snobs”

Fox News: [Live Video Interview]

Aftonbladet (Swedish Media): “Capsule coffee has received his heir. Now the beer in bag.”

Digital Trends: “…solves a number of different problems. First and foremost, it cuts down the price you pay for beer.”

The Daily Dot: “…pours you the perfect beer every time.”

Hot Hardware: “…it’s incredibly easy to fill…”

Elite Daily: “..who wouldn’t want a cold glass of brew at the push of a button right in your own kitchen?”

Total Frat Move: “It’s about damn time…I’m going to buy five of them, because why the $%#@ not?”

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