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Your digital fabrication and engineering marketplace.
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We connect innovators, hardware startups and designers to engineers and manufacturers to make their prototype and first production run. This is the missing piece in the hardware renaissance: the ability to go from an idea or design to a working prototype and early production. Right now, we’re offering the capabilities of our partners in the US, Canada and Israel to create anything you want-laser cut plastic and metal, 3d printing with every material imaginable including titanium, computerized turning and milling, carbon fiber…your imagination is the limit! If you have an idea and need help turning it into a design, our engineering partners will help you. We exist to enable your innovation!

About Us
We understood the need for SwarmBuild when Boris was putting together a prototype of a robotic greenhouse for the 2012 World 3D Print Show. Boris couldn’t make a prototype himself, and he knew the machine capacity was out there, but had no good way to reach it. Research showed that this was a $30 billion market worldwide, and that there were many other makers, designers and innovators with this problem.

Boris met Zvika, and we decided to collaborate. While Zvika developed the website, Boris worked in machine shops to understand their business model and needs, and used the startup as his final project in his MBA program. In June, Dana came on board as our designer in chief.

Since August 2014, we’ve been in Iowa as one of the teams in the first round of the Iowa Startup Accelerator, working to create a network of manufacturers and engineers in the United States. We have a working version of the site up and are developing our network of users and partners, as well as some unique algorithms to allow for instant quoting.

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We do not guarantee projects or investigate a creator’s ability to complete their project. It is the responsibility of the project creator to complete their project as promised, and the claims of this project are theirs alone.

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