New Invention – SunCache: A Powerful and Flexible Solar Charger Platform

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My most flexible solar charging solution to date. Charge directly from the sun, store power for use later or do both simultaneously!

My name is Don Cayelli and for the last two years I’ve been working on perfecting the portable solar charger. What started in 2011 on a sail boat in the middle of the Chesapeake bay with a cell phone’s dying battery has led to countless solar charger ideas, designs and prototypes. My goal then and now was to build a solar charging solution that could not only charge my gadgets, but could do so at speeds similar to a wall outlet. At last, I think I have created the ideal solution; a perfect compromise between charging flexibility, power and portability. I am proud to introduce, the SunCache.

The SunCache is my most flexible solar charging product yet. It can charge multiple devices direct from the sun, store power away for the future or perform both functions simultaneously! The integrated solar control circuit has been re-engineered, design tweaks have been made to the customized case and, most importantly, two different unique, battery storage options have been integrated into the solution. Let me explain.

Multiple Charging Modes = Flexibility

The SunCache gives users the flexibility to operate in three different manners: direct charge mode, battery stash mode or combo charge mode.

In “direct charge mode”, multiple USB charging ports are available to connect directly to your electronic gadgets. Simply connect the devices, zip up the case’s front pocket and they are ready to go. When in full sun, the devices will charge at approximately the same speed as if they were plugged into the wall.

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