New Invention – SocketCircuits : Build electronic circuits on paper!

Learn electronics by attaching parts onto a printed diagram. It’s easy and fun, like building a puzzle!
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SocketCircuits are easy enough for an 8 year old to make, and versatile enough for prototyping many of the technology projects that you see here on Kickstarter.

It’s a great product for STEM educators, homeschoolers, hobbyists and makers. Simply print a diagram to cardstock paper, stick the adhesive backed sockets to placeholder shapes, and insert color coded parts and wires for a complete circuit.

Projects range from beginner to advanced…

I collaborated with world renowned papercraft artist Rob Ives ( to create this irresistible “BarriBot” kit. It uses a simple coin cell battery and LED circuit to backlight a “Barrier Grid Animation”. As the grill is moved up and down, it hides different parts of the animation image, which results in the animation effect that you see on the left. You can add this kit to any reward level by adding $10 to your pledge amount. See “Backer Rewards” section for details.

Affordable & Versatile

SocketCircuits’ kits are all in digital form, as downloadable diagrams, so we never have to cut a potentially awesome circuit or kit based on projected sales. They all share the same basic sockets too, which lowers manufacturing costs.

One of the exciting features of SocketCircuits’ kits is that they can go in 3 dimensions. You could think of papercraft as a sort of “old school” form of 3D printing, except it uses a printer that you already have, and the materials are much more affordable!

The end of proprietary

No more custom modules, connectors, wires, or parts. No soldering, expensive inks, or glues are required.

Universal Sockets

SocketCircuits’ sockets are compatible with millions of low-cost commonly available components, including components with unique pin layouts like potentiometers, motors, and switches that won’t fit into breadboards. This means that nearly any circuit can be built with them!

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