New Invention – SmartPhone Microscope

Turn your smartphone/tablet into a versatile microscope!
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For international backers, due to shipping costs add $20 for BASIC Package and $25 for MINI or BIG Packages

Simplicity. No need to manually hold focus, focus it once with the knob, and then it’s as easy as holding your phone. Use it to take photos, videos, panoramics, slow-mo, or even time-lapse! Optics click into alignment, samples are held down with a clip, and the illumination is built in using an energy efficient LED with two AAA batteries for hours of battery life. Finally the sample doesn’t touch the lens, which always keeps the lens clean and your samples pure.

Versatility with 30, 50, or 170 times optical magnification and 1.5-2 micron resolution, lets you look closer at almost anything, whether it’s a detailed macro-view of surface features to the inside of tiny cells. POWERUP pledges features magnification of 30, 170, and 340 times. Also this works in combination with your smartphones digital magnification. For example, you could magnify 4.5 times into an 8-megapixel image and still be looking at a DVD-quality picture. This 4.5x digital multiplies with the 340x optical to provide between 340 to 1530 times combined magnification. Thus each lens has a range of magnification and the upper limit improves as your camera is upgraded! Plus the lens assembly’s are swappable and hackable! Finally the use of slides is optional, but we do recommend coverslips if looking at wet samples at high magnification.

Compatibility with pretty much any smartphone or tablet with auto-focus+exposure through a simple reusable adhesive backing and a very smart design. It can even work with your case still on!

Ultraportable enough to fit in your pocket, it goes where you go.

Cheaper! Other comparable field microscopes that don’t even work with a camera or comes with only a single level of magnification cost hundreds of dollars!

Everyone gets a 3″x3″ square of 1-micron mesh filter! You can take a quart of water (18,920 drops) or more, and use this filter to get rid of all the water while keeping everything bigger than a micron in there. This lets you see everything all at once, making it a lot easier to find amazing microorganisms! Youtube

Everyone gets a complimentary camera tripod mount for hands-free viewing!

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