New Invention – Smartlet puts your iPhone on your wrist so it’s always close, but never in the way.

Smartlet puts your iPhone on your wrist so it’s always close, but never in the way.
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Introducing: Smartlet

Smartlet is an iPhone case for your wrist. Instead of neurotically holding your phone waiting for a message or burying your phone in a pocket or purse, Smartlet keeps your hands free while keeping your iPhone in a super convenient location (your wrist). Unlike typical phone armbands that joggers use on their upper arms for running, Smartlet is: 1) minimalist by design, so that your iPhone’s full screen is available to view notifications (like a smartwatch); 2) designed to be worn with everyday shirts by holding your iPhone by its buttons and allowing the lower half of the device to fit over a shirt cuff; and 3) locks your iPhone securely in place through a patent-pending unidirectional button locking mechanism, so that you can easily slide your iPhone in and out when you need it. In short, Smartlet frees up your hands so your phone doesn’t interfere with your everyday life.

1. Minimalist design
Smartlet was designed to hold your iPhone securely, without covering it up. Smartlet holds your iPhone by its buttons so that the entire screen of your iPhone is open and free and the beauty of your iPhone’s body can remain on display.

2. Wearability
Smartlet was also designed so that you can wear it and your iPhone with normal shirts. By holding the iPhone by its buttons, the lower half of the iPhone extends over a shirt or jacket cuff, allowing you to wear Smartlet over a shirt, under a jacket sleeve or over a jacket.

We designed Smartlet in multiple colors–black/black (not shown), white/white, and black/red–so you can choose that look that works for you and your iPhone.

3. Accessibility
Smartlet’s patent-pending, unidirectional button locking mechanism prevents your iPhone from falling out during everyday activities, while also allowing you to slide out your iPhone in one simple motion to use it. So if you need the full functionality of your phone (e.g.,to type out an email, answer a call, or take a quick photo), it’s never more than a swipe away.

Why is Smartlet better than a smartwatch?

Smartlet gives you all of the functionality and convenience lacking in the smartwatches on the market today. These smartwatches have a critical design flaw: they must be linked to your phone to perform their most important functions, and you still have to take out your phone to do anything substantial. Smartlet is not just another piece of technology–it lets you use your existing technology in a stylish and easy way.

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