New Invention – Skyforge Cloud 3D Printing

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Connect your 3D printer to a simple, powerful online interface called Skyforge. It’s a better way to print.

Skyforge gives your 3D printer superpowers.
Ditch the tethered computer and print from the cloud.
Sell prints automatically through our online marketplace.
Share 3D printing resources within a makerspace, library or school.

What can Skyforge do for my printer?

A whole heck of a lot, actually.

Creators can easily turn their 3D designs into real-world objects using our simple in-browser workflow. Spend time learning and creating, not configuring software.
Owners of 3D printers can connect Skyforge to their printer to help local communities access 3D printing and generate revenue through automated online orders. Put your printer on the map.
Institutions like libraries and makerspaces can manage their 3D printing resources intelligently. Enable your community to rapidly learn about 3D printing and collaborate on creative projects. All in the cloud.

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