New Invention – Signul: Automatically send messages, launch Apps

Automatically send messages, launch Apps and much more based on micro location
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That’s right. The Signul IFTTT channel is currently in development and will be ready when we ship Signul to our backers. This means you’ll be able to add a dash of micro location to your IFTTT recipes. We’re thrilled about this for a couple of reasons: it shows that we can work together to make Signul better (this was your idea!) and that the team at IFTTT see the value in our product and have put it up there with other automation products such as Nest, Belkin and Philips. Awesome stuff!!!

Check out our new home automation perks!

This is huge for Signul as it truly opens the system up to a world of possibility when it comes to what you can automate based on micro location. At home you can now turn off the heat with your Nest thermostat when you leave the house in the morning, make sure the coffee pot is off with a Belkin WeMo switch and turn your Philips Hue lighting on when you arrive home.

Signul: Simplify your digital life

Signul is a personal beacon system that simplifies your life by automating everyday activities. Use beacons to create proximity zones in your home, office, car, or really anywhere that you perform repetitive tasks. The Signul App detects these zones and triggers events when you enter or exit them. Here are a few examples of what you can do:

Signul works on BLE-enabled iOS and *Android devices. Here are some of the reactions Signul can trigger:

Display an alert message (and share it with other Signul users!)
Launch an App
Open a URL
Start a text message
Start a Tweet
Start a Facebook post
Start an email message
Start a call
Play a sound
* A specific list of Android devices we’ve tested Signul with is available in the FAQ.

2 AA batteries and a dream.

Signul is powered by 2 AA batteries (no crazy super coin cells from outer space). On a couple of AA’s it should run for at least a year. This is really important – many of the other beacons on the market require power adjustments or other compromises to run this long because they are using really small batteries. We went with something easy to maintain that can transmit continuously for a year. The best part is when you need new ones in a year you can just “borrow” them from your TV remote!

Stretch goals

We’re really excited about this one because it’s a direct result of feedback we received from our beta group on Erli Bird! At $50,000 we’ll activate our first stretch goal, the Signul SDK. We want Signul to be extremely flexible and to automate anything you can think of, and if we hit this stretch goal also anything you can develop!

Who we are:

Signul is a product of the IoT Design Shop, a small, diverse and extremely efficient group of engineers in Vancouver that love making really cool s#&$. We’ve built submarines, mobile Apps, video games and countless side projects that could be considered on the verge of insanity. We’ve been completely obsessed with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and iBeacon technology for the past 6 months. Seriously. It’s all we think about. Every single product idea we’ve come up with involves BLE, and if for some reason one didn’t, the fault of the maker was immediately flagged and the idea enhanced with a dash of BLE spice.

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