New Invention – ShutterEaze: Home Automation For Your Plantation Shutters

ShutterEaze makes it easy for anyone to add remote control functionality and automate their existing interior plantation shutters.
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Plantation shutters are one of the most attractive and desired of all window coverings. They’re stylish, easy to clean, and very effective at conserving heat and keeping your house cool.

Of course, the only drawback is that you have to walk around the house every day to open and close them yourself. This daily routine can become even more tedious with hard-to-reach shutters. What you need is a way to do this remotely and even automatically. In other words, you need smart shutters.

We’re excited to introduce you to ShutterEaze. We have developed a patented solution to bring your plantation shutters into the 21st century. Now, you can fully automate your shutters to open and close whenever you want, and the best part is – this is only the beginning!

Want some more good news? In order to automate your plantation shutters all you need is ShutterEaze. Our system works with nearly all existing shutters, including 2.5″, 3.5″, and 4.5″ shutter louvers. There are no tools needed for setup, and no need to hire a technician. It’s so easy to install and use, that anyone can do it!

The truth is that ShutterEaze is the easiest and most affordable way to motorize and bring remote control capabilities to your existing plantation shutters. Sure, you could spend thousands buying brand new shutters with motors built in, or even do it yourself. Of course, that means having to take the shutters out of their frames and sawing slots in them to accommodate the motor. With ShutterEaze, a simple 1-2-3 installation works like a charm, not to mention costing pennies on the dollar compared to other currently available alternatives!

Like every great idea, ShutterEaze began by addressing an annoying problem. ShutterEaze inventor, Jeff Vasquez, has a wife who loves her plantation shutters. What she did not love, however, was having to climb into their bathtub to open and close the shutters in their bathroom. So she took this problem to her husband for a solution.

Luckily for her, and for all of us, Jeff is an inventor and robotics fanatic who seized upon this opportunity to create something that could benefit everyone. Using some old remote controlled toys, and a ton of creativity, he was able to create a motorized solution for his wife that would go far beyond just a little motor to open their bathroom shutters.

Following the issuance of a utility patent for ShutterEaze, Jeff began his quest to bring his product to owners of plantation shutters all over the world.

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